Hand Cut Paper Gallery


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Hi there from Portland Oregon!  This is a gallery of my hand cut paper pieces.  All  imagery are of my own original artwork rendered in  hand cut paper: old school scissors and glue and recycled off-print papers.  Curious about my process?  Check out “My Process” page for more information.  And if you’re even more interested (yay you! Thanks!) , there’s more to be found about individual art pieces on the “HIGHLIGHTS” page..

  I treasure reflecting upcycling, patient craft  and a hopeful sense of whimsy in every piece I have the privilege of creating.  While the muse often takes me towards folklore pieces, I hope you enjoy some of the other offerings–I fall in love easily with science and nature themes, political expression, games and riddles, and well, plenty of other paths.  I hope you find something you like!

2017: I am pleased to be threading a few more options in with availablity for art pieces to be out there.  If you’re interested, please check out the MERCH♥ page.  Thank you !

Kind regards, Jen.


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