Nasty Women Fight Back Jen Rombach handcut paper art Statue of Liberty pissed off.

…wearing our ANGRY eyes…

For the Women’s March January 21, 2017.

  It’s been a rough year, in so many ways.  I had originally worked hard on this hand cut paper piece of Lady Liberty fighting back against the Super Pacs for a submission to a call for art in 2014.  I have been pleased with the original but have long felt that it spoke to more than one issue.  I realized just the day before the march that with a few quick photoshop edits to the original hand cut paper piece and a run for copies, I could have something heartfelt in hand. (which was exactly what was needed after a week of flu had kept prep to a minimum.)   Thus had a smattering of signs for myself and our awesome little group for the Women’s March January 21, 2017.

I have since received requests for making it even more accessible. So if it speaks to you, there are t-shirts and other options available –and know that I’m honored by your consideration .


Below: Thank you fabulous Phyllis B and to the 2 best hopes I know..♥




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