My Process: Sketchbook and Journal Entries

Character Study : Tooth wizard

December 2012 :  applecatsktch


February 2013:  I’m excited to be asked to create the poster for what is becoming a regular event at my daughter’s school.  However, hand cut paper art is time-consuming and not easily done for free, even for the best of causes like this.  With that in mind, I decide I will make it easy on myself and use photo-shop — this will allow me to not have to worry about precise measurements for each piece, I can turn that over to the computer.  I also think about creating pieces that might be re-used for something else in the future — a joke?  A future poster? 

Below, the journal entry shows almost step by step how I go about creating individual pieces.  It’s a single piece, a boot.  At the end of the entry, you will be able to see where it gets ‘plugged’ into the final version.  This project also marks a dawning of a new relationship with photo-shop programming?   I resolve to be a purist with some art but I can bend and be flexible in other areas.   I am starting to see where I can go with the melding of hand cut paper and tech!



The above original hand cut pieces are shown in their final version below for the event poster.  Note the mandolin is no longer smaller than our boot….