Protest Art as gear

Hi there!  I am honored that you are buying art!  I certainly want to make art accessible and affordable for all. After years of quiet work, I am just recently pulling everything together to get my visual articulations out there.   Right now,  I’ve just started giving Zazzle a try for making purchases, you can check out everything here.

Zazzle provides a platform for the art to be placed on gift ideas and wearable coolness. They offer sustainable options, made in USA options AND you can customize your order!  Plus, there isn’t a pile o un-homed stuff out there– they are made to order.    Please let me know what you think of the end product?!

For the more serious art collector, I offer archival signed prints via Etsy.

And if you really love a particular piece, the original (gorgeous framing!) may still be available.

Reach me for queries

Thank you for your support!



March for Science – Great Seal is

available for your poster needs!

And t-shirts

and  other wearable coolness!

and of course, buttons!

& more  

Poster: Large slogan

Poster: smaller slogan








March for Science -Flag

is available on t-shirts on Zazzle

in 2 options:

with dark background

or t-shirt with just stand-alone image 

& for fun:  Temporary Tattoos

Also direct from the artist is an offering of

Limited Edition Signed Prints

Thank you for helping support working artists!


Nasty Women Fight Back t-shirts

Zazzle provides printing on an array of apparel choices, including sustainable options and customization.

Additionally available :  Nectar-of-the-gods-receptacles (aka COFFEE MUGS